All Preset Banks Bundle (Omnisphere & Massive)

Sale price $129.99 Regular price $350.00

Want every preset bank we've ever released for both Omnisphere and Massive? Buy as a bundle and get a HUGE savings! Our All Preset Banks Bundle has all 5 of our Omnisphere 2 Preset Banks (250 Omnisphere Presets) and all 4 of our Massive Preset Banks (200 Massive Presets). Purchasing separately this would cost $350! Our omnisphere banks alone would cost more than what we're selling this pack for. LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Sounds are crafted by top charting producers. Guaranteed to make fire beats. Perfect bundle to make amazing Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, and Pop Beats!

What's Included:

- Trap Babies (Omnisphere Bank)

- Omni R&B (Omnisphere Bank) 

- Omni R&B 2 (Omnisphere Bank)

- Love Trap (Omnisphere Bank)

- Unlimited Gold (Omnisphere Bank)

- Wavy R&B (Massive Bank) *not compatible with Massive X

- Wavy R&B vol 2 (Massive Bank) *not compatible with Massive X

- New Wave Trap (Massive Bank) *not compatible with Massive X

- Money Moves (Massive Bank) *not compatible with Massive X