Seller Setup


Once you have selected your plan by visiting our Seller Login page and signing up please follow these steps.

1. Verify your email (you won't be able to upload products until you verify your email) you can do so by clicking on product > product listing > and then click on get verification link on the right hand side of the screen. Go to your email and click on verify your email then log back in.

2. Fill out profile. Click on Profile then My Account. FILL OUT ALL REQUIRED FIELDS. (This must be completed before adding your kits)

3. Add product by clicking on sell/list products under products tab. Click +Add Product in the right hand corner. Fill out all the required fields regarding your product as well upload your product file at the bottom before saving. (Make sure to include a description and try to include a video link as this will better your chances of your product selling) Make sure to include any Master Clearance or Royalty detail regarding your kits. All of our one shot, drum kit, and preset banks are 100% royalty free unless stated otherwise.

4. Fill out payment details. Click on Profile then Payment Details


YOUR ALL SET! Use the dashboard to track your sales. Once your product sells you will be sent payment through the payment details you've set up.


If you have any questions send us an email at